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Adarsh Sahu
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Adarsh Sahu is a indian Musical Artist , singer and rapper. he also owns an independent record label "Jabali Music" , he was born in Jabalpur, a town in Madhya pradesh, India at 30 October 2000, he is also a engineer and has expertise in Mechanical and Automobile field, he studied engineering from Jabalpur Engineering College . He also owns a youtube channel named "Jabali Music" , and has his work in almost every music streaming platform including Spotify ,JioSaavn ,AppleMusic ,HungamaPlay ,Instagram/facebook Music ,etc.


Adarsh Sahu started his musical journey when he was in school, he use to lead his school musical club and performs in various singing competition and functions, when he reached college he continued his musical interest, in 2020 he was commercially launched with the song "Meri Life" also known as the Indian version of the song "Baby" by Justin Bieber, after that he continued making Covers and Original of his own.


Song name Date Released
Meri Life[1] 27/Aug/2020
Emptiness[2] 14/Sep/2020
Aahatein X JiyenKyun[3] 29/Sep/2020
Heer Ranjha[4] 02/Oct/2020
Rehnuma[5] 11/Oct/2020
Jee Raha Hoon[6] 04/Dec/2020


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