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The correct title of this article is Michael Nicolae. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

Michael Nicolae is a Romanian public figure and content creator. He is very passionate about filming and creating good content for his audience. He always like to learn new skills, making himself unique as much as possible. He become popular on social media and generated millions of views and likes. His skills and confidence are the most important ingredients of his life which led to the acme of success. He was intensively involved in his work since his childhood and this is the reason that he has accumulated lots of commendations relates to his wonderful contribution. He has a giant fan base on Instagram, youtube, and TikTok. Over 51k fans are following him on Instagram, 146k followers are on TikTok.

Michael Nicolae whose dedication, desires, devotion and determination to his works, and his never stop learning habit makes him an inspiring personality. He always insists on his fans that “be persistent and never give up on your passion”.


Michael Nicolae was born in Bucharest Romania in 1989. He lived in Romania from 1989 until moving to United States in 2015. He is a content creator on social media where he generated millions of likes and views on TikTok and Instagram and managed to be on trending page.[1]

Michael Nicolae

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