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Early life[edit]

Able Seaman Nicholas Concepcion was born in Liverpool in 1905 to Celia and Nicholas Concepcion.

Marriage and Children[edit]

He married Elizabeth (also called Bep, short for her whole name) and they had 4 children, Sarah (also known as Sally), Marie, Paul and Nicholas, his namesake.

World War Two Service[edit]

Concepcion was in the Merchant Navy and held the rank of Able Seaman. During World War Two he was on the SS Aguila which was sunk by Enemy Action in the North Atlantic when he was picked up by the Empire Oak which was later torpedoed by German submarine U-564 where Concepcion was killed for his Country aged 36.


Concepcion died for his Country aged 36, leaving behind his wife Elizabeth and four children, his youngest child Nicholas, his namesake, aged just eight.

Honours and Awards[edit]

Concepcion is entitled to War Medals for his service to his Country.


Concepcion is commemorated in perpetuity and remembered with honour by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission at Tower Hill Memorial.

Notable Family and Relatives[edit]

Concepcion’s Great Grandson, the grandchild of his son and namesake Nicholas is Councillor Gary Concepcion, a politician and a native and Honoured Citizen of Leicester, Member of and Councillor on Leicester City Council, Chairman of Leicester City’s Youth Council, Head Police Cadet of Leicestershire and a two-time Nominee and Finalist for and Recipient of the Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire’s Young Person of the Year Award, the only person to have been twice.

His nephew Tony Concepcion, his brother who also served in the wars son, is a politician and a Councillor on and Member of Liverpool City Council who became Lord Mayor and ex-officio First Citizen of Liverpool.

George Turpin, his son Nicholas’s wife Thelma’s Cousin also of Liverpool was a well-known professional boxer who fought and was active in the 1970s and won a Medal in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, won the British ABA Championship for two consecutive years in 1971 and 1972 and gave England it’s first victory against America at the Felt Forum in 1973 as part of England’s National Amateur Boxing Team whilst up against the United States Team.

References and External Links[edit]

Nicholas Concepcion - Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Nicholas Concepcion - Mercantile Marine Memorial Monument

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