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Abhishek Choubey
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Abhishek Choubey (born January 17, 1998) is an Indian daredevil performer. He is known for his extraordinary power & strength of his Shoulder Blades. He holds 2 Guinness World Records in different categories of Shoulder Blades Strength.[1] He is also the SVEEP Icon of Sagar District.[2]

Early Life and Education[edit]

Abhishek was born in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, India to Awadhesh Kumar Choubey and Saroj Choubey. He has an elder brother named Anshit Choubey. He completed his bechlor's degree in commerce from maharaja chhatrasal  bundelkhand university.[3]

His Talent Journey[edit]

At the age  of 8, he found his unique ability to use his shoulder blades, He can hold objects from his shoulder blades like hands.[4] He started working on his skill and strength of his shoulder and after 3 years of practice, he manages to pull a thousand kilogram Car from his shoulder blades at the age of 11.[5] When he was 12 years old he performed in his first reality talent show Entertainment ke lie kuch bhi karega and appreciated by the judges anu malik and farah khan on Sony TV.[6]

Later on, in 2017 he was the contestant of Zee Telugu's show Big Celebrity Challenge hosted by Pradeep Machiraju[7]and in 2018 in Zee Tamil's show Zee Super talents. [8]

Due to his talent, he got nicknames like Steel Blades[3], Iron Man[9], Superman[10], Little Hercules[11] and Sagar ka shaktimaan.[12]

He also performed in History TV's Show Omg Yeh mera India where he broke a world record of lifting the heaviest weight from shoulder blades.[13]

Records and Achievements[edit]

He holds 2 Guinness world records, Heaviest Vehicle Pulled by Shoulder Blades of Pulling a 1070 kilograms up to 27.5 meters, he was the first world record holder of that category because noone ever attempted this record ever before.[1][14]

His second  record is lHeaviest Weight lifted with the Shoulder Blades where he broke an old record of a Chinese guy who lift 51.4 kg weight for 8 Seconds, Abhishek smashes this record by lifting 55.4 kg weight for 21 seconds.[15][16]

He is also the SVEEP icon of his hometown district Sagar (Vidhansabha Elections -2019). SVEEP is the flagship program of Election Commission of India for voter Education.[2]


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