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Abhijeet Das
Abhijeet Das in a stage singing performance held in Nagpur

Abhijeet Das is a prominent singer of Mumbai. He started his music career from 2006 as a playback singer.

Early life and family[edit]

Abhijeet Das was born on 21 November 1967 in an Assamese cultural family in Tezpur, Assam. His father Late Ghanakant Das was a gold medalist in Sanskrit language of British period and was a judicial magistrate. Abhijeet's mother Late Karunamoyee Das was a dancer, choreographer and singer. So, he got full support from his parents to learn music since he was 6 years old. Abhijeet Das was interested in singing since he was 4 years old. He completed 5 years vocal music course in 1985 and became Sangeet Visharad. He is the youngest among his two elder sisters and two elder brothers. He studied in Tezpur Govt. Boys School and completed his school studies in 1983 and completed his B.Com graduation in 1988 from Darrang College, Tezpur. Abhijeet Das has got many awards and certificates in singing during his school and college life.

Singing career[edit]

File:Abhijeet Das with Ravindra Jain, music director.jpg
Abhijeet Das with music director Ravindra Jain in a music sitting
File:Abhijeet Das & Dev Anand.jpg
Abhijeet Das with Dev Anand (actor-producer-director) in Navketan studio after a recording
File:Abhijeet Das & Rajesh Khanna.jpg
Abhijeet Das with Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna in his office

In 1991, Abhijeet Das came to Mumbai. His eldest sister Jayshree was already married to a Gujarati family of Mumbai. Her husband Girish Parekh was an Advocate of Mumbai High court. So, Abhijeet Das didn't have to face problems to start his musical journey staying in Mumbai. In 1994, during his struggle days, he came in contact with renown music director Ravindra Jain who recognized Abhijeet's talent. He taught Abhijeet the style of singing 'Sugam Sangeet' by teaching him some semi classical devotional songs. But by that time Ravindra Jain's phase of music direction in films was almost over. Later on, Abhijeet Das got breaks to sing in movies like Beach, 'Pyar Ki Taquat', 'Khooni Tahalka' etc. which are yet to release. This way, his music career started. Abhijeet Das was to sing for a movie which was to be produced by Dev Anand, actor-producer-director on the Nepalese royal massacre took place on 1 June 2001. But unfortunately the movie couldn't be completed. Abhijeet Das learnt music programming in Dev Anand's 'Navketan studio'. He has performed many stage shows. Although, he is getting offers to sing in bollywood movies, he is always being particular to refuse such songs which are baseless and not composed on pure music with genuine lyrics.

File:Govinda, Abhijeet Das & Birju Maharaj.jpg
Abhijeet Das with Bollywood actor Govinda (sitting left) and Birju Maharaj (sitting right) after a stage show

Abhijeet Das married in 1992. His wife Neeta Das, is basically not a singer. But she's deeply fond of music. So, she encourages her husband a lot for his singing. Abhijeet Das got an offer by Newstar music company to sing some Hindi songs for a music album which is already released in 2013 as Evergreen songs sung by Abhijeet Das. His only daughter Naina Das is also a singer. She was interested in singing since she was 3 years old. Since then, she learnt singing from her father Abhijeet Das. This way, she got her vocal music training at home only. Both of them have already performed in many stage shows and recordings together.

File:Abhijeet Das and his daughter Naina Das singing in a stage show.jpg
Abhijeet Das and his daughter Naina Das singing in a stage show event 'Step To The Melody World' held in Pune

In professional field, they both have already sung many Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati songs for different music albums and movies. As a Sangeet Visharad, Abhijeet Das is very fond of classical and old melodies. So, he keeps himself away from singing all latest types of songs of nowadays for their baseless tune compositions. He prefers to sing songs which are based on pure Indian or western music. He never prefers to earn money by singing cheap songs. He says, such songs always have short life. According to him, such songs can not be considered as Indian melodies or western melodies. He had a good friendship with Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna and also had good relations with Dev Anand, Pran, Govinda and Birju Maharaj (the Kathak dancer) etc in Bollywood world. His only daughter Naina Das is also a very popular singer of Mumbai. The different songs sung by both in different languages (solo and duet) are finally collected by Newstar music company and released in an album as Evergreen songs of Naina Das & Abhijeet Das in 2015. The different videos of their singing performances are already published on net by starvideos, Bollywood melody and music melody. They both have already performed their singing in many stage shows in Mumbai and out of Mumbai.


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