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Early Life[edit]

Abdulrazaq Aliyu (born January 06, 1995, Kafanchan, Kaduna State, Nigeria) also known as Sufiabdul, is an initiate of Muhammadan Ahmadan Ibrahimi Tijaniyyah Sufi Oder.


From the end of year 2019, as an Author, he starts to write his first book titled The Scientific Reality of Existence. His works are written base on Universal Scientific Reality of Existence as well a Sufism, which he says is nothing other than the reality of Divine Universal Religions.

Abdulrazaq Aliyu personally publishes his articles at abdulrazaqaliyu.wordpress.com and abdulrazaqaliyu.blogspot.com. His intimacy is awakening and aligning his being as well as the whole Universal Manifestations, through the entanglement of the Unique Universal Being (Al-insanu al-kamil), in the Energy hierarchies of potentiality, through his Unique Quantum Poleship (Qutbaniyyah, Khilafah), by the will of the Grand Universal Energy (Allah / God).

Personal Life[edit]

He is a Disciple of Sheikh Muhammad Abdul’ahad the Son of Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse, who initiated him into the Divine Energetic Order as his Energetic Mentor.


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