Abdullahi Suleiman Omale

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Abdullahi Suleiman Omale

Abdullahi Suleiman Omale[1] is a political activist who hails from Ankpa in Kogi State.

Early Life[edit]

He was Born in Ankpa, Kogi State, North Central Nigeria.


He began his nursery education at Leaders International School, furthered his primary school education at Arewa Nursery and Primary School, and obtained his SSCE at Christ Comprehensive School, Kakuri Kaduna. He went further to obtain his First Degree (B.SC) at Bayero University, Kano where he studied B.SC Botany.

Career and Leadership Roles[edit]

While at BUK, he was fully involved in politics, because he is concerned about reformation and humanity at large, In 2015, he became the Senator representing Biological Science, SRA-SUG BUK, at the same year he served as a Lawmaker in BUK, he also served as Member of the Independent Audit Committee of SUG BUK. In 2016, he served as President of the Kogi Science Students Association BUK, he also served as Social Director, Department of Plant Biology. He is currently the National Secretary, CORECAUCUS, National Secretary of the National Atiku Youths Vanguard, Deputy Coordinator IACDI, Kaduna State, and one of the coordinators of Kogi 1st Kogi for All. He received several Awards of Merit, Award of Most Outspoken, 2017, Award of Most influential and Award of Ambassador of Peace. He is currently NATIONAL SECRETARY, Nigerian Youths for good Governance[2]


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