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Abdullah Al-Salem
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Abdullah Al-Salem (Arabic: عبدالله السالم {{#invoke:Category handler|main}}‎. Abdullah Al Salem was born in Doha in 1975 and has also lived in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan. In Qatar, he has served as manager of the Doha International Centre of Interfaith Dialog. On his website, Wosom, he publishes his literary work, including poetry, literary criticism, short stories, articles, and letters. He holds a master’s degree in law and is currently have a PhD in family law. [1]. He also wrote an articles in the magazine Burooq and Al-Jasra, and participated in many poetry festivals and evenings inside Qatar [2]

He had published a critical book entitled: The Flaws of Poetry, A Critical Study in Building the Contemporary Nabatean Poem.[3]

Literature and art[edit]

Abdullah Al-Salem began writing nabati poetry from the age of 9 years by reciting poems on his father, as he says about himself. He created the blog (WOSOM_Abdullah Al-Salem Blog) in 2005 through which he publishes his literary creativity. He defines himself as "a lover of literature, children, movies, women, music and God.". In the blog, Abdullah Al-Salem presented several poetic albums, including nabati Poetry, eloquent poetry, and prose. In addition to some songs, such as "Since I Was Young", it is a national song written by the Qatari poet Abdullah Al-Salem and performed by artist Issa Al-Kubaisi.[4] Since I Was Young]": A National Song, words and compositions by Qatari Poet Abdullah Al-Salem and singing by the Qatari artist, Issa Al-Kubaisi. Also, He wrote an English poets as Emergency Meeting[5]

Literary criticism[edit]

Many poetic and artistic works, such as the Million's Poet, were criticized. Criticism has also been written for a number of books and films.

A book: Flawless Poetry, A Critical Study on Building the Contemporary Nabati Poem. Printed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in Qatar. The book deals with the flaws of poetry A critical book in Nabati poetry, and according to the author's opinion it is considered the first book of its kind in the field of criticism of Nabati poetry, and it hopes to become a reference for scholars of the faults of Nabati poetry and those who are interested in it and even critics for their say.[6]

He also write a literature book for children (How to save children, Legend Writing (Arabic).[7]


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