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Abdul Haafiz

Early Life[edit]

Abdul Haafiz, Born Sulemana Abdul Haafiz Bundana is a publisher as well as a Promoter

He is also a Ghanaian blogge[1]r and IT expert known for music promotion, general news, Technology updates and gossip.


Abdul Haafiz is known to be an I.T. specialist and later had the passion for blogging in 2019.In 2017, he meet Issaku Haafiz, who was IT[2] specialist and introduced him to web development.

After web development, he launched northernhitz.com a website mainly for music promotion in northern Ghana and also for celebrity gossip, fashion,sports and General news. He is also into Graphic Designing.

Work With[edit]

He has worked with websites including sirateq ghana.com, Psg Consult LLC,vision solutions,Scef Ghana. and more


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Abdul Haafiz[edit]

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