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Abdul Gaffar Rony

Abdul Gaffar Rony (Bengali: আবদুল গাফফার রনি{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}; born 3 December 1984) is a Bangladeshi science writer, storyteller, ‍science fictionist, feature writer and biodiversity and environmental movement[1] activist[2][3]. He awarded Meena Media Award[4] by UNICEF for children's ‍story. Now he is woriking at popular Bengaliscience magazine Bigganchinta as a subeditor.

Early life and education[edit]

Abdul Gaffar Rony was born in 3 December 1984 at Kantapole, village of Chuadanga District in Bangladesh. He spend his earliest life at his father home in Shyamkur, village of Jhenaidah District in Bangladesh. He was a student of Shyamkur High School and Sheikh Hasina Padmapukur Degree College. He graduated in physics from Govt. Michael Madhusudan College in Jessore.


Notable books[5][6].

  • Theory of Relativity (2016), ISBN 9789849178866{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789849178866|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Quantum Physics (2017), ISBN 9789849277354{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789849277354|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Mohakorsho Torongo (2017), ISBN 9789848991695{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789848991695|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Paradox of Physics (2018), ISBN 9789848058244{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789848058244|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Gupta Mohabishwer Khonje (2019), ISBN 9789845250085{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789845250085|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Shcrodingerer Biral (2020), ISBN 9789844350724{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789844350724|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Bigganider Gopon Jibon (2020), ISBN 9789848034350{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789848034350|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Vingroher Pandulipi (2012), ISBN 9789849027317{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789849027317|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Kaladhungir Bivishika (2016), ISBN 9789849162841{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789849162841|error= Invalid ISBN}}
  • Banglar Toru Lota Gulmo (2015), ISBN 9789849121138{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|9789849121138|error= Invalid ISBN}}


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