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Abdo Berrix

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[Abdelilah Ben moummad] (born April 17,1999) better known by his stage name [Abdo Berrix] , is a Moroccan elctronic musician, record producer, remixer and DJ . He srarted his career in 2018 by his first single Gamers uploaded only in YouTube and soundcloud.

Early life[edit]

Abdo was born as Abdelilah Ben moummad on 17 April 1999 in Marrakesh in Morocco , He discovered his passion for music at the age of five, when he started playing piano at this age, at Regional Institute of Music in Marrakech .

At the age of ten, his Spanish teacher, Javier Cesaro, told him that he played well in speed tunes,Then he continued to sail this way until he entered the age of twelve when he discovered the DJs and electronic music.

From this time, he expressed interest in becoming a DJ after seeing Swedish DJs Avicii, and British Calvin Harris at the world's largest festivals (such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami...).

In 2013 Abdo started mixing music, and two years later, he start producing electronic music .

In 2018, Abdo Berrix dropped its first official production called Gamers.

After that he strat producing others styles like progressive house , electro house, tropical house and future bass.

In the same year, he played his first show in front of 3,500 people in one of the most famous club in Marrakech. It was the official start of Abdo as DJ.


Abdo Berrix began officially his career in 2018 when he was only 18 years old and his official first release was the single "Gamers", which was released as a free download on August 7, 2018. He started 2019 by r releasing his first remix of Lana Del Rey sound Born to die in Feb 17,2019. Shortly afterwards, Berrix drop a new song called "The angle " . He uploaded his first EP song "Upon Sleeves" with his six tracks showing all kinds of sub-music for Abdo Berrix. This album came out as never expected before in YouTube and soundcloud first on September 5. 2019.A few months later the album was loaded in all music stores. "Upon Sleeves" ep Sounds : Dancing in the Water, It s Time To Let All,Looking Backward,Unexpected, Lifting Weights and the last one was feat. with Sabrina Barrada named Danger due to Me.

Between this period, the Moroccan DJ dropped a new single called "New Waves", which was completely different from the previous style, but, he said that included in his proper style almost is an edm.

In 2020, "Last Lights" was the first production of this year, and it was the track that combined between the first and tha last style.Then he come back completely to his progressive house style in a new single "Flashback" , which is out officially after two years of his release .

After that, and exactly on Abdo's birthday, April 17, 2020, the second EP-Lock EP was launched in music stores with six tracks again .This time Abdo Berrix decide to turning back to progressive and tropical house as a primary genre of the ep. The sixes of "Lock-Up" Ep is: Bulr, Sacrs in collaboration with ICXOSM, Broken Loop, Precarious, Forever in Mind and Nothing you wanna Say in feat. with Nora.


Flashback Single

Unexpected Upon Sleeves EP

It's Time To Let All Upon Sleeves EP

Dancing in the water Upon Sleeves EP

Danger due to me Upon Sleeves EP Feat. Sabrina B.r

Looking Backward Upon Sleeves EP

Lifting wheights Upon Sleeves EP

Last Lights Single

New Waves Single

Blur Lock-Up

Scars Lock-Up With icxosm

Broken Loop Lock-Up

Precarious Lock-Up

Nothing You wanna say Lock-Up Feat. Nora

Forever in Mind Lock-Up

The angle Single

Born to die Remix Lana del rey(Abdo Berrix remix)

Gamers Single


Abdo Berrix Logo 2018:

Actual logo of Abdo Berrix

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