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Abdikani Guushaa
( عبدالغني جوشا)
Abdikani's photo at 2015

Abdikani jama AbdiAziz Guushaa

(Template:Lang-so; Arabic: عبدالغني جامع عبدالعزيز جوشا{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}‎, also known as Abdikani Guushaa, is a Somali Programmer and Designer.


Personal life[edit]





Guushaa was educated in various universities around the world, including Somalia; he initially studied in Bosaso. In 2017, he earned a Bachelor of Computer Science from the East Africa University, graduating with highest honors.

Guushaa later relocated to the malaysia for post-graduate studies. In 2019, he obtained a master's degree in Programing from Guushaa University.


Abdikani Guushaa[edit]

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