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Abby Govindan


Abhinaya Govindan (born June 6, 1997) is an American stand-up comedian, writer, public speaker, and influencer. Originally from Houston, Texas, she currently lives in New York City, and has attracted a vast international following on social media.


Abby Govindan was born in Houston, Texas.[1] Her parents are both immigrants from India; one is a pediatric anesthesiologist while the other is the vice president of a bank.[2] She attended Fordham University, graduating in 2019 with a degree in psychology. During her time at Fordham, she held various internships and student org positions, including Regional Director of College Democrats of America; Investigative Intern at the Legal Aid Society; Campus Campaign Coordinator with Teach For America; and Post Production Intern for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.


Govindan's comedy spans a wide range of media, from Twitter to TikTok to YouTube to, at least in the pre-COVID times, traditional standup. Her comedy is noteworthy for its social commentary, often satirizing white supremacy,[3], the patriarchy,[4], and other malign social forces.

Emily in Paris Prank[edit]

In series of tweets beginning in late 2020, Govindan jokingly claimed to be the creator of the comedy-drama streaming series Emily in Paris. This tweets satirized the show for its lack of diversity,[5] casual depiction of statutory rape,[6], and other offensive or questionable choices. She also expressed confusion at the show’s Golden Globe nominations, stating that she “made that show as a prank.”[7]

Several news outlets, including News Desk and PhilSTAR Life, took Govindan’s tweets at face value, citing them as evidence of dissent among Emily in Paris’s creators.[8] Govindan also received a press inquiry from a BBC correspondent asking to interview her about her role in and original plans for Emily in Paris.[9]


Abby Govindan[edit]

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