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Abby Ayoola born Abimbola Ayoola in Sagamu, Ogun State Nigeria. She is a nutritional expert, mompreneur in the beauty, food, media,tech and an investor. She is an author of 14 books and counting [1] that educates people on living and eating healthy. As a mother of 6 lovely children, she has striven to live a healthier life for herself and for the sake of her kids. Her dedication, passion and down to earth attitude has inspired people to completely change their lifestyles to healthier states and better well being. She is simply someone that's vegan, loves to help people, loves to eat healthy, loves to travel, try new things and hopefully in the process, inspire people to do the same. She also has a food show called Dine With Abby[2] which was featured on Toronto Caribbean Newspaper. She is also a co-creator and cast member on Naija Wives of Toronto. Naija Wives of Toronto is a first of its kind reality show in Canada that follows Nigerian-Canadian women and how they navigate life, friendships, careers and families. [3][4][5][6]

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