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Abbie Chatfield[edit]

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie Chatfield 1.jpg

Abbie Chatfield (Born 20 June, 1995) is an Australian television and internet personality. Abbie’ received national attention as a contestant on Season 7 of The Bachelor Australia, in which Abbie was the season’s runner-up. Following The Bachelor, she starred in Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise Australia.

Early Life and Education[edit]

She attended the Queensland University of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor degree in Property Economics in 2018[1].


Chatfield began her career as a property analysis before being cast in The Bachelor Filming for the season took place throughout winter 2019, and Chatfield was later revealed by TEN [2] to be a contestant on July 29, 2020. Chatfield went on to place as the runner-up, being eliminated by Agnew during the final episode which was filmed in South Africa[3] and aired on September 19, 2019.

During her tenure on the show, Chatfield received widespread media attention and criticism for her outspoken nature and vocal feminist viewpoint [4]. Abbie later revealed the extent of her terrifying online trolling [5] and opened up about her struggles with anxiety.

Other Ventures[edit]


In 2019, Abbie launched her podcast “It’s A Lot” which often appears on the top of the Australian Itunes Charts [6]. The conversationl podcast sees Chatfield answering and giving her best advice on dating, friendships, sex, and all other facets of life.


After The Bachelor, Chatfield's Instagram] popularity grew as she addressed and gave advice to followers regarding friends, relationships, sex, and a plethora of taboo subjects. This lead to her column Ask Abbie, in Pedestrian TV POPSUGAR [7]. Partnered with ACAST [8] in March 2020.

TV Appearances[edit]

Her public openness lead to her appearance on ABC’s Reputation Rehab[9] (October 2020) and SBS’s Inside [10] (September 2019).


Late 2020 Abbie announced her book So Let’s Unpack That, "SLUT", a feminist handbook, with publishing firm Affirmpress [11].


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