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Aasif Shafi

Aasif Shafi (born 26 January 1994) is a freelance Kashmiri photojournalist.Working with various International photo agencies and film maker

Life and work[edit]

Aasif was born in Seer Hamdan area of south Kashmir's Anantnag district, 50 kilometers from the summer capital of Indian-administered Kashmir. He had his first freelance assignment in 2016, and was then a staff photographer for a local photo agency and Non-government organization.In 2017, he joined the Pacific Press Agency, for which he provided extensive coverage of the Kashmir conflict and later he also joined some other agencies and local news magazines[1] [2]


Aasif Shafi is born in Seer Hamdan area of Anantnag district, He is currently working as a freelance photojournalist in Indian administrated Kashmir with various organizations.Would like to start by looking at his past,mean how he came into the land of professional photography .honestly speaking, he don’t exactly remember when and how he got inclined to photography. But remember that it all happened in his childhood. He got crazy about photography particularly wildlife and conflict photography. This craze was heaping day by day until he got totally distracted from everything and all that was his mind was photography. He looked at the prospectus of me being a photographer and it looked totally bright for reasons unknown to him. So he started to accomplish his dream with nothing in his hands except a mobile phone. Not bothering what he had or what it takes to be a photographer. He started mobile photography. Within a couple of months he got so much fascinated by photography that he don’t cared even a bit for his study ,consequently he had to bear the brunt of a re appear in his 12th class examination. But that didn’t stop him. He remember when he first started photography he would literally get sick to his stomach as nobody was supporting him, neither his family nor his friends. Everybody was telling him that becoming a photographer is not that difficult, just bring a camera and there he are. But deep inside he had the feeling that photography is not everybody’s game, it needs energy, time, dedication, skill and all that. So bearing all odds he began to walk on this wonder land of photography. He had to admit that it was a steep learning curve in the beginning. You know, there were times, when he secretly thought to himself who are you kidding aasif? You are not that great .But he would still stalk his mobile waiting to see the photographs he captured. Photography was running in his blood that is why he gave a deaf and dumb ear to all his critics. Finally one fine day through an emotional drama, He somehow managed to convince his family about his passion and his family surprised him with DSLR Camera. Without wasting time, He started submitting photographs to experts for their advice. He feared reading the words not a fit in reply. Thanks to almighty, after he got some really good advice understood that being not a fit actually was not a bad thing. It honestly was not a thing at all. And because of all this, today he stands here. So this was just a bit of his struggle.


Aasif Shafi work is appeared in Associated Press,Getty Images,Zumapress and more international agencies [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]


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