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Aashutosh Gokhale

Aashutosh Gokhale is Marathi film, television and theater actor.[1] [2]Currently, he is playing the lead role in 'Rang Maza Vegla' Marathi Serial. [3] [4] [5] He got Sanskriti KalaDarpan-Best Supporting Role (Male) award for his role in Soyare Sakal Play.[6]

Personal Life[edit]

Aashutosh is son of Legend Marathi, Hindi Actor and Director Vijay Gokhale.[2][7][8]

Aashutosh was born in Mumbai. He completed his graduation from Ruparel College, Mumbai. During his early days of graduation he showed interest towards college plays and Ekaknkika Competitions. After completing college he started working as a theater actor.[2]

Social Life:

During Covid-19 pandemic, he was working as a volunteer(called as food ninja) for the Khaana Chahiye organisation, he distributed food to different containment zones.[9] [10] [11]He also worked for Shramik Trains (श्रमिक ट्रेन्स ) which is in collaboration with the 'State Government of Maharashtra', which generously distributed food and water. [12]



Show Name Channel Role Year Ref.
Rang Maza Vegla Star Pravah Dr. Kartik Inamdar(Lead) 2019-Present [4][5]
Chala Hawa Yeu Dya -Shelibrity Pattern Zee Marathi Contestant 2019 [13]
Tula Pahate Re Zee Marathi Jaydeep Saranjame 2018-2019 [14][15][8][16]
Tuza Maza Breakup Zee Marathi Neel 2017-2018


Play Name Produced By Year Ref.
Soyare Sakal Bhadrakali Production 2019 [17][18]
Don't Worry Be Happy Sonal Production 2016 [19]
O Womaniya Ved Productions 2016 [20]
Moruchi Mavshi Suyog Production 2012 [21][22]

Web Series[edit]

Series Name Produced By Role Year Ref.
High Time Karvanda Nirmitee Devendra 2020 [23][24][25]
You Know Spruha Entertainment Sahil 2017 [26]


  • Dum Asel Tar (2012)

External Links[edit]


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Resubmit Aashutosh Gokhale[edit]

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