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Aashib khan

== Early Life == Ashib Khan was born on 15 June 2003 in village Kailia in Jalaun district. At the age of 17, he studied 12th from N, R, S Inter College. After that he wants to study U, P, S, C and he wan

He to become an IAS

== Career == He learned hacking editing at the age of 14, now he has many techn ical things. Now she is a youtuber and blogger His YouTube channel and blog are named Technical Ashib.

== Personal Life ==

Ashib Khan (born 15 June 2003) is studying U, P, S, C, yet he is a YouTuber, Vlogger and Tiktok star. He knows Hindi, English, Urdu well, is an Instagram and YouTube influenced and active social media. He is from Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, India. His parents, Janaki's father, died in 2018 and mother is a house hold, he has 2 sisters. Aashib Khan is not yet married


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