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Aarti Patel
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Picture of Aarti Patel (clicked by Sanjay Vaidya)

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Aarti Patel (born 9 November 1965) is an Indian film producer, actress and radio personality, known for producing films like Love Ni Bhavai (2017), Gago Ke Dada Nu Painu Painu Karto To (2005) and Moti Na Chowkre Sapna Man Ditha (1999). She has also acted in Gujarati films like Bey Yaar (2015), for which she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 14th Annual Transmedia Gujarati Screen and Stage Awards.[1]


She has been credited with producing more than 25 serials and 70 documentaries for Doordarshan, Indian Space Research Organisation, Development and Educational Communication Unit, Satellite Channels and Information Department.

She is a radio personality with My FM where she is hosts a show called Zindagi Express. She has written and narrated more than 1000 original stories and the show has also won the India Radio Forum Award for 2016.

She has produced and acted in more than 5 Gujarati films, including Love Ni Bhavai, and has won many state awards for the same.[2]

Personal Life[edit]

She is married to film director, Saandeep Patel and they have 2 daughters, Aarohi and Sanjana.[3]


Year Title Actor Producer
1999 Moti Na Chowkre Sapna Man Ditha Yes Yes
2005 Gago Ke Dada No Painu Painu Karto To No Yes
2014 Bey Yaar Yes No
2016 Mission Mummy Yes No
2017 Love Ni Bhavai Yes Yes


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