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Aaron Pertuset Teacher at Madison Christian in Groveport, Ohio for grades 7th-8th.


He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up in Seaman, Ohio for 18 years of his life. His parents are Brian and Bonnie Pertuset who were both born in Ohio as well. He then moved to Circleville, Ohio in order to pursue his career in College soccer recruited to Ohio Christian University for their Trailblazers men soccer team.


Aaron Pertuset

He went to college to get his major in Middle Childhood Education and his minor in Biblical studies, achieving this in December 2019. He played soccer throughout his college career and began being a coach right at the end.[1]

Soccer Career[edit]

In his life he started out as a soccer player at the young age of 4 years and continued seeking his career. His ambition in life was to be a Soccer Coach, he succeeded his goal of being a soccer coach at the end of his College career. He currently coaches two soccer teams, Pride Soccer club and Madison-Plains High School.[2]


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