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Aaron Nachtailer
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Aaron Nachtailer is a contemporary artist born in 1986, Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina. He is currently based between Europe and his homeland, where he exhibits his installations and sculptures of a “green-culture” impact.

Early life and education[edit]

Nachtailer started his career as a fashion and textile designer..[1]. After studying at University of Palermo, in Buenos Aires, he has worked with designer Mariano Toledo at this atelier. In 2010 he creates an eponymous brand and in 2013 he becomes part of the creative team of Laboratorio T, for the Metropolitan Centre of design in Buenos Aires.

These experiences lead to various competitions and appearances of international level. In 2015 he is recognized as a young talent by Vogue Italia (as finalist in the contest Vogue - Remix)[2]. In 2016 he receives an art residency in New York,  where he is selected to create a work for the 57th Venice Art Biennale.


Exploring matter through sculpture and site-specific installations, his work shows a research for a new spatiality. Characterized by the use of natural materials, his work introduces primitive forms and distinctive elements that are transformed to create a sense of spirituality.

The artist shows his relationship with nature through the use and exploration of these materials, like using trees as an instrument of a ritual practice.

The objective is to promote balance between nature and human beings, so that the world can follow its natural evolution with nature as the center.


2021 - Installation “Mi Inferno / Tu Paradiso - Miraggio”, Unesco Monument Ravenna, Italy[3][4].

2020 - Artist Residency at Maison Random, Project DANTE 700, Ravenna, Italy[5].

2019 - Solo Exhibition “The Raw & the cooked” Palazzo Baronio, Ravenna, Italy.[6]

2019 - Participation in The Venice Glass Week, “The Raw & the cooked”, Fortuny Factory & Garden, Venice, Italy[7][8].

2019 - Participation in Parcours Saint Germain, “1m3 of Sunflowers”, Place Furstemberg, Paris, France[9]

2018 - Solo Exhibition, “Marco Polo”, Palazzo Marcello, Venice, Italy.

2018 - Site-specific installation project, “El tiempo según J”, Carrara, Italy

2017 - Group Exhibition "U love me"[10] during 57 Biennale d'Arte[11], site-specific installation "Encontrémonos", Palazzo Marcello, Venice, Italy

2016 - Solo Exhibition, “Medusa”, Palazzo Fontana, Venice, Italy.

2016 - Artist Residency New york, USA.

2015 - Group Exhibition “Gira”, site-specific installation “Calumet”, Casa A, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2015 - Group Exhibition “La Sagrada”, Casa A, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Aaron Nachtailer[edit]

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