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Aaron Gamelli

Channel history[edit]

Gamelli creates original comedy videos and parodies. Notable productions include the TV Pilot and web series Baby Steps, USA Comedy and various other "sketch" comedy videos that include over 24 unique and eccentric characters including voiceover work.


Aaron Paul Gamelli (born May 4, 1984) is an American YouTuber, actor, comedian, director, writer and editor. He produces original comedy videos and parodies on his main channel "Aaron Gamelli". Other channels he owned prior, for vlogging and comedy, are no longer available as of 2020. He is best known for portraying eccentric characters in his YouTube comedy series which includes the praised web series Baby Steps, USA Comedy (2019), for which he won two awards for the series[1] In 2010, Gamelli began writing comedy and created the staple characters known as "Gladys", "Tommy" and "Pubert" who would later develop to become the lead characters of his web series and TV Pilot Baby Steps, USA Comedy. In 2016 Gamelli officially began seriously pursuing a career in both comedy and acting on the side of his main job by playing lead roles in several live theater shows, and having a prominent guest role on American television produced by AMC including various live improvised performances. In 2018 Gamelli sustained an injury that removed him from the traditional world of business where he spent 20 years building his standard career. Gamelli has since utilized his recovery time to focus on healing physically while also trying to find new inspiration for his comedy ventures and acting should his injury prevent him from returning to his original place of work in the future. He will continue to pursue acting and comedy that can accommodate his lifting restrictions. In 2019 Gamelli launched a new YouTube channel after being advised to rebrand his existing content and dissolve the corresponding production company known as USA Comedy from all his social media. He went back to the drawing table and created new characters and began writing original content and parodies, there are dozens of future projects in current development. The current Covid-19 pandemic has slowed production down and some ventures have been placed on an indefinite hold until it is safe to film once again.

Early life and education[edit]

Aaron Paul Gamelli was raised in Agawam, Massachusetts by his parents Vincent and Debra Gamelli, who are both Christian Ministers. Aaron began his career in business back in 2002 after attending college for Psychology and Business. He soon after slowly discovered his love of acting and comedy and began to pursue that career on the side of his main profession. In 2010 he began writing comedy and developing the characters that would soon define his growing career as a YouTuber, comedian and an actor.

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Aaron Gamelli[edit]

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