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Aarish Anoop
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Aarish Anoop born (6 September 2012) credited as Master Aarish is an Indian child actor who works primarily in the Malayalam film industry. Additionally he has also associated with Bollywood,Tamil industries. Anoop has appeared in two Malayalam films and more than 20 short films.

Early life[edit]

Anoop was born at Paduva, Kottayam on 6 September 2012 to Anoop and Remya Anoop. And Aarish has an elder sister Baby Meenakshi. She is a child actress at Indian film industry. Anoop is studying in N S S high school Kidangoor, Kottayam


Anoop started his acting career with an ad film. Later he went on to act in several albums, short films and tele films. He made his film debut in Dijo Jose Antony's Queen in a guest role in the film. He then went on to act in Malayalam movie Ranam.


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