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Aamra Companies
Founded1985 (1985),
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Founder(s)Syed Faruque Ahmed and
Syed Farhad Ahmed
WebsiteAamra Companies

Aamra Companies is a business-to-business conglomerate headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[1] Established in 1985, the group's key businesses include distribution and servicing of machinery and solutions for the textiles and apparels industry, ICT, BPO, IIG, Logistics and Professional Development. It presently owns 14 concerns[2] located throughout Bangladesh.

In 2008, The Texas Group of Bangladesh changed its name to aamra (আমরা) (the Bangla word for 'we'). The group opened its first international concern in Paris to facilitate its outsourcing business in European countries in the same year. In 2009, its Singapore operation was started for international partner management and to operate its logistic business in the neighbouring Southeast Asian countries.[2]

Aamra Technologies Limited., Aamra Networks Limited., Aamra Infotainment Limited, Aamra Outsourcing Limited & Aamra Solutions Limited are its concerns in the Information Technology industry.[3] The Professional Development business was categorised to Aamra Fitness Ltd. and Aamra Management Solutions.[4]


Aamra Companies began in 1985 with the establishment of Texas Resources Limited (Textile Associates Resources Limited) by Syed Farhad Ahmed and Syed Faruque Ahmed.[5] Soon after, the business diversified to the technological sector by setting up Texas Electronics.[6] The group of companies was rebranded in December 2007, as aamra, the Bangla word for "we" to consummate the tagline of the company "the Power of We". After the rebranding, Texas Electronics became Aamra Technologies Limited and Texas Resources became Aamra Resources Limited.[7] In 2008, Aamra companies expanded their business to the professional development segment by creating Aamra management solutions.[8]


Under the umbrella of Aamra companies, Aamra Technologies Ltd. provides core banking software, system integration, information system outsourcing, and switching and networking solutions etc. Aamra Networks Ltd. provides data centre and collocation, infrastructure as a service (IAAS), software as a service (SAAS), audio and video conferencing solutions, bandwidth etc.[9]

The service portfolio of Aamra Infotainment Limited includes web designing, content management, e-commerce development, web maintenance and applications, digital marketing campaigns etc.[10]

Aamra Solutions Limited focuses on critical solution development and support in the financial services sector. Business process outsourcing and internet value added services are the key activities carried out by Aamra outsourcing limited. The companies serving in the garments industry,[11] Aamra Resources Limited, Aamra Embroideries Limited and Aamra Fashions (CEPZ) Limited,[12] provide CAD/CAM, embroidery, textile and other industrial development services, industrial automation services and distributes and services world-renowned textiles and apparels machinery.[13] Aamra fitness ltd. is a gymnasium facility specially designed for corporate[14] and Aamra management solutions provides trainings on business skills and also IT professional training.


Aamra companies have formed partnerships with various firms including Telekom Malaysia, TPS, BTCL, Novocom, Interblocks, Verisign, Dell, VeriFone, Finacle, Polycom, Oracle Corporation, NBS, Barracuda Networks, Tata Communications, Thales Communications, Webex, 1Asia Alliance, Cisco Systems, Sparkle, EMC Corporation, Juniper Networks, Mikrotik, Rosenberger, Diebold, CA, Rapid SSL and Thawte.[15]

Aamra companies have also partnered with Barudan, Ecotex, Lectra, Loris Bellini, Mathis, Santex, Sclavos, Unitex, Vi.BE.MAC, Ngai Shing, Pozzi, and Cintex, for providing state of the art modern equipment for the garment industry in Bangladesh. They have parnered with Brightstar for Logistic Support and distribution, and with British Council and Technogym for providing services for professional development.

Aamra is the official IT partner of the Bangladesh Cricket Board,[16] Bangladesh Hockey Federation,[17] Bangladesh Olympic Association, Bangladesh Football Federation and Bangladesh Sports Journalist Association.[18]


Aamra is an ISO 9001- 2008 certified company.[19] Aamra has been recognised as one of the top 500 companies of Bangladesh by Dun & Bradstreet.[20]


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