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Aakash Mehta[1]
File:Aakash Metha.jpg
Aakash Mehta performing in the Habitat, Khar, Mumbai
ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra

Aakash Mehta is a 26 year old Indian Standup Comedian,[2] who is also happen to be writer, musician, law graduate and audio Engineer. He started his standup comedy career 8 years ago, he has toured many cities, and have wrote many contents for Comedy Central - the living room, Random Chikibum, Them Boxer Shorts etc.[3] He also refers to himself as KuchBhiMehta.


After Completing his law degree, Aakash Discovered his passion for music and standup comedy. He started his own company called "Lasoon Live" in Mumbai. His 1st standup comedy video was ' Aakash Mehta on Having Kids in India ' which grabbed attention by 1.1 million viewers.[4] Over the past 8 years, he has toured most of India, Dubai, UK & USA with his 1000+ stand-up comedy shows & Specials KuchBhiMehta, Half Baked, Bear with me and the Just Chilling tour. He has also written and featured on several YouTube sketch series – Comedy Central – The Living Room, Random Chikibum, Them Boxer Shorts and The Comedy Factory.[5] He is now a YouTuber


Year Platform Name Notes
2015 YouTube Aakash Mehta on Having Kids in India Himself
2015 YouTube Aakash Mehta on New Relationships Himself
2015 YouTube Aakash Mehta on Break-ups & Shopping With Gf Himself
2015 YouTube Comedy Central - The Living Room
2015 YouTube Them Boxer Shorts - Everybody Loves a Stereotype
2016 YouTube Aakash Mehta on Sex Education Himself
2016 TEDx Talks India, Let's Talk About Sex Himself
2016 YouTube Random Chikibum - Random Daftar
2017 YouTube Aakash Mehta on Long Distance Relationship Himself
2017 YouTube Aakash Mehta - Chicken
2018 YouTube Aakash Mehta on Tinder Tips Himself
2018 Podcast Varta Lab - IVM Podcast
2018 YouTube Josh Talks - How I Became A Standup Comedian
2019 YouTube Aakash Mehta on Dear Homeopaths Himself


Aakash Mehta - Indian Comedian[edit]

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