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Aadithyan Rajesh
ResidenceDubai, United Arab Emirates

Aadithyan Rajesh (born November 15, 2005) is a first-generation mobile application entrepreneur and software engineer. He is best known for creating top-charting apps as a teenager to Help and provide awareness to the society Aadithyan published his first app to the Aptoide (android) when he was 9 years old.He later gained recognition from Indian Ambassador with his launch of Trikids App, a turn-based Learning App, in his junior year of high school. Indian Ambassador then congratulated Aadithyan, becoming U.A.E'a "teen-developer" at 13.His success with mobile application development grew in his teenage years, generating revenue as a high school student[1][2][3][4]

Aadithyan is currently The CEO at Trinet Solutions heading a lot of social Tech startup swithin the company.[5]

He is also doing his Internship in Bankonus As a Software Developer.

He says only one "I love what I do, and i do what i love."

Personal life[edit]

Aadithyan was born in Kerala,India in 2005 to keralite Father Rajesh Nair and Sreerenjini Rajesh .

Early Career: 2013–20[edit]

Aadithyan taught himself programming through tutorials he found via Google.[6]

In 2019, as tech companies were flying Aadithyan out to tour their campuses and speak at conferences, he still owed tuition to GEMS New Millennium School, the private high school he attended.[7] The school supported him in his innovative skills and love towards his work and offered a Cut-out of School Fees that he owed.[7]

Aashirvad Browser[edit]

In 2017, Aadithyan developed an app named “Aashirvad”, a very simple and easy web explorer made with beginning skills can protect you from malicious threats and protect your privacy.It's designed for both Android phone and tablets.If Found any bug or perspectives please contact us

Free download to try this fast, safe, lightweight and smart Android Mobile Browser; and by the year after, the app had over one million downloads.

Aashirvad was received with mostly positive reviews.It peaked at with a few users.

Trinet Solutions: 2018–current[edit]

Aadithyan Made Trinet when he was 13. Mentored by Google, Aadithyan played a role within the company as the social network’s "go-to teen".Over the course of 3 years at the company, he worked on developing products for the teenage demographic. He helped the economy understand how his generation uses technology, advising on experimental products for teens and helping executives understand trends.

Teacher's App[edit]

At age 13, he launched Teacher's App, a new standalone, Android app for school Teachers while working at Trinet.

Finding that teachers had a lot of issues with their Daily Schedule. Young Prodigy Decided to sort it out.

Teacher's App was received with mostly positive reviews.[8] It peaked at #1 on the word games chart with a few thousand users.[9]

AngelHack Hackathon[edit]

Aadithyan says to claim that he has won the Angelhack 2nd Prize. For his Legit Budget management app

Dinero - Safe/Secure/smart a new standalone, Budget-Calculator app for high school students During the competition. The app was largely focused around the teenage demographic; anyone 13 or older is locked into only being able to see their own pocket money. Using this app Teenagers could make Saving Money Simple.

He was in a team consisting of His best friends and Techies.

Microsoft: 2020[edit]

On a Pleasent day, it was reported that he was Joining Microsoft as one of their most youngest Workers.

He helped the company understand how his generation uses technology, advising on experimental products for teens and helping executives understand trends.

Sayman is currently Working at Microsoft as a Part of the Product Design Team's effort to create offspring Products from within the High-tech conglomerate.[10]

His Aim: 2017–present[edit]

He is adding an extra layer of youth to diversity to tech which will allow many new innovations to emerge. He would like to make his company a multinational one and start developing apps on the IOS platform. his ambition is to explore more horizons in the area of cybersecurity and would like to work closely with Cyber Security field.


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