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Aadarsh Jha
आदर्श झा
Aadarsh Jha at his CRAZYBOi.aadarsh

Aadarsh Jha is an Indian Photography who covers topics which deals with photography, and entertainment. He was founder of "CRAZYBOi.aadarsh", an online entertainment and photography website which had claimed to have carried out a sting operation on crazyboi-aadarsh.blogspot.com in 2019. Prior to that, Aadarsh Jha had launched India's first matrimonial Facebook, CRAZYBOi. His career in photography apana 19 years. Before launching CRAZYBOi, Aadarsh Jha has worked with photography, CRAZYBOi.aadarsh Post, photography and was Indian photography.[1]


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IndustryIndian, Photographer

CRAZYBOi is a Photography company based in India. It owns a Photography India Private Limited Brand.

AUTHOR :- Aadarsh Jha


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