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ABN (2000-Present) is a Rapper known for Dance.[1]


Abian (ABN) was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He came to the United States at the age of seven and started his life in Virginia. During his childhood he listen to Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Funk, classical, and Jazz music.

He was heavily influenced by and listen to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Nas, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Bill Evans, John Coltrane etc.

The person that introduced him to hip-hop and lyrical rap was Lil Wayne. He would listen to Lil Wayne every day picking up on every simile and metaphor used. ABN would try to craft his words to match his idols. Then while he was watching the BET TV show, 106 & Park he was introduced to a new rapper called Kendrick Lamar. He found out that Kendrick Lamar was actually a big fan of Lil Wayne. This allowed him to transition to listen to Kendrick Lamar as Lil Wayne would die off in the upcoming years due to drama in his record label

Music was always a part of his life he started writing in middle school and never acted on it. He was in choir towards the end of elementary school and on to middle school. That’s where he and his friends would often battle rap each other and he would freestyle to diss his friends.

After middle school, he went through a lot because he moved twice from Springfield to Alexandria, then from Alexandria to Falls Church. Finally he stayed in Falls Church and attended Stuart high school. This is where he started shine. During the middle of his senior year he released his first song called cashin’. The infamous line “6 feet deep“ is something he will forever be remembered for.



In early March 2018, he followed up with his number one hit “Dance”. Dance was so popular since he performed it during SpringFest and it was specifically produced for the event. He plans to release a 10 song mix tape towards the end of May 2018 called: L.ife I.s T.ough.

There’s more to come for him as he will attend college in the upcoming year and beak exposed to creative environment. This will help them to drive in music and to find new ideas and new sounds.[3]


  • ABN - Cashin’
  • ABN - Shhh Ft. E4J Turk
  • ABN - Dance


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