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AAA Entertainment
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FoundedMumbai, Maharashtra, India (2019)
Founder(s)Mohd. Shafique Saifi

AAA Entertainment is an Indian film production[1][2] and distribution company working in Hindi cinema. Since its inception in the 2019’s, the company has grown to be one of the largest film production in India.
AAA Entertainment has formed a full-fledged film studio in India. The studio's activities span across creative development, production, marketing, distribution, licensing, merchandising and syndication of films in India and worldwide. Throughout the last several years, AAA Entertainment has acquired the rights to several Bollywood films[3].
Mohd. Shafique Saifi the former Owner’s of the company, while Mohd. Shafique Saifi serves as a producer.


AAA Entertainment was founded by Mohd. Shafique Saifi, a veteran of the Indian film industry, in 2019. Mohd Shafique Saifi started his career with film industriy from 2014 as a assistant film editor from Hindi Film - Future Tau Bright Hei Ji, Super Se Ooper, Reality Show-Roadies-8. AAAE controls almost every part of the value chain from production to post production, domestic and international distribution, music, home entertainment, marketing, design, merchandising, talent management, brand partnerships and film studios – all in-house facilities. AAAE has its own fully integrated production that houses is headquartered in Mumbai[4].

Early Life & Family (Founder)[edit]

Mohd. Shafique Saifi was born on 15th July, 1985 into a Muslim (Sunni) family in district-Etah nearest town Marehra Shariff in Uttar Pradesh. Mohd. Shafique Saifi childhood name is “Tenny”. He spent the first five years of his life in Uttar Pradesh with his family. Saifi's father, ‘Allanoor Saifi’, was an “Retired” Indian Centeral Government Employee from Indian Railway Department. Saifi's paternal family was still living in Marehra Shariff town of District Etah. Saifi's mother, Mazeedan Begam, is the daughter of a Late, Itawari Khan “farmer”. Saifi’s grandfather-Late ‘Rustam Saifi’, served as the Farmer. Saifi’s grew up in the Azmatganj-Marehra Shariff-Etah. His father had several serviceman ventures including a farmer, and the family lived a middleclass life in a small village. Saifi’s attended a government school “ Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru” in Marehra Shariff town of district

Etah in 1990. After then, Saifi’s attended a college “M.G.H.M.Inter College”, Marehra Shaiff, town of district Etah in 1996. Saifi’s had play the states game “Kabaddi” in 1996. After then, Saifi’s attended the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in 1999. Mohd. Shafique Saifi have passed out B.Tech. (Computer Science) from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in 2007. Saifi’s after complete the engineering from Aligarh Muslim University turn to Mumbai film industry. He also attended the Editing Institute in Mumbai during his early career in Bollywood. Saifi is a Founder of Kross Kut Film Foundation. Although Saifi was given the birth name Mohd. Shafique, he prefers his name to be written as Mohd. Shafique Saifi, and is commonly referred to by the acronym Saifi. He has married with ‘Husan Bano’, a Saifi Family, in a traditional wedding ceremony on 2005. Saifi have three sons- Aftaab Saifi, Ashfaaq Saifi, Altaab Saifi. Saifi has stated that his children, who are studying at the MPS School. According to Mohd. Shafique Saifi, while he strongly believes in Islam, he also values his wife's religion. His children follow muslim religions.


Mohd. Shafique Saifi is a good Graphics & Animation designer. He is an Indian film Editor/Writer and producer & coming soon as a film director. Saifi made his carrer as a Assistant Editor debut in dramatical movie Future Tau Bright Hei Ji (2012).

Founder AIMS[edit]

Being a trained, professional Film Editor, Story/Lyrics Writer for over 09 years has not been easy. Like other focussed professionals who are blessed with the opportunity to belong to that esteemed fraternity of the performing arts, I too have had my share of ups and downs in my journey to try and perfect the science of direction. It can be researched, experimented, learnt, taught and perfected. Our task at the Dreams Secure Training Centre running by Kross Kut Film Foundation is threefold – that of identifying, training and grooming raw talent into a breed of disciplined all field of film industry for the next generation. A number of established producers, directors and actors have graciously accepted to be on our advisory board and help us accomplish our mission. Founder Dreams are taught with the most modern methods, techniques and tools. Training is imparted by qualified teachers from India and abroad; all students also receive my personal attention and care. The training ensures that when the students step out into the world as performing artists and others, they are well equipped to face the challenges of any medium — be it stage, television or film.


In India, AAA Entertainment has network of film making offices in Mumbai[5], Delhi, UP. Internationally, there are offices in the USA will be coming.


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