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[A1kellz] is an [Pop/ Hip Hop] known for [Making exciting Bubbly Music].[1]


[Leeindo (A1kellz) Kelly] was born in the Bahamas and is the fourth child of five siblings. Leeindo had always been musically talented from and extremely young age but with five other siblings the means to pursue music was futile, He went and expanded his talent and capabilities in other areas like arts, crafts and dancing[2]


[A1kellz started practicing and researching recording, mixing and mastering his own music. He started to gain recognition from posting music on his personal Facebook account, as his life started to mature and advance, so did his music. A1kellz moved from creating childlike music to a more realistic life style music ...][3]


  • Supernova (Album)
  • Se7en (Ep)
  • Another famous work here


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