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A1 B-boy Sasa
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The Number One B-boy

A1 B-boy Sasa is an American street dancer credited as being the first B-boy hip-hop dancer. He often appeared at DJ Kool Herc's notorious parties in 1973. Sasa, along with other first-generation B-boys Trixie, Wallace, The Legendary Twins, DJ Clark Kent, Chip The Mad Hatter and a few others from Kool Herc's parties, set the foundation for the B-boy dance style by taking it to the floor and performing acrobatic moves.[1] He helped push B-boy breakdancing into the mass media as hip-hop became a mainstream genre in the early 1980s.


Sasa was born in Manhattan, New York City. Although, he was raised in the West Bronx. As a child, he grew up dancing to R&B, soul and funk music and began getting recognition from his school peers for his skills at school parties and into his teenage years. Many of his friends began inviting him to house parties, where he made a name for himself on the dance floor with his unique style, especially at Kool Herc parties. Because he was the best B-boy dancer he was given the title "A1." Sasa stopped B-boy dancing in 1977. He retired having never lost a B-boy battle.


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