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A.K.A. Frisco's
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A.K.A. Frisco's is a restaurant and catering company that sells a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, sides, ice cream (seasonally), and an eclectic collection of wine and beer. Their focus is on fresh ingredients and large portions, which can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. A.K.A. Frisco's originally opened in 1990, with locations in Washington, D.C. and Frederick, Maryland. According to their website , "our goal is to provide you with the freshest products, the most friendly service and a unique selection of great food at reasonable prices."[1] The original restaurant was ultimately sold to two of its employees from the Washington, D.C. location, Michael Thompson and Mesfin Tedesse, who then launched the Frederick, Maryland location.


The original idea for A.K.A. Frisco's comes from the many small, independent cafés in and around San Francisco. The focus was to be on gourmet products and an ability to cater to a small number of customers at a time, seating only 10-15 people. The idea would be to take that concept of a northern west coast neighborhood café and bring that authenticity to an east coast city. The Wolfs eventually settled on Washington D.C. for the original site, citing family ties and noting similarities between D.C. and San Francisco.[2]


A.K.A. Frisco's menu has been consistently similar over its nearly 30 years in operation, with some small tweaks resulting in resounding success, like the improvement of the smashed potatoes into their most highly-rated side order according to Yelp, the Exploded Potatoes.[3]

Beer and Wine Selection[edit]

Although this part of the restaurant can be hard to find as it is found in an adjacent part of the building, the beer and wine shop boasts a quality selection despite its small size and inconspicuous entrance. The wines available therein range from Italian Rosé to American Riesling to Beaujolais, alongside many regional favorite micro-brewed beers like Flying Dog, Loose Cannon, and Victory. The wine selection, specifically, has been referenced in multiple Washington Post articles listing top establishments in the area that carry specific seasonal wines.[4][5]


A.K.A. Frisco's has been reviewed by multiple local publications, including The Washington Post, and Montgomery Community Media.[6][7] The Washington Post review is extremely positive, citing the restaurant's generous portions, friendly staff, and "West Coast ambiance". The article goes on to specifically call out the restaurant's most popular sandwich options, including the Baja and Embarcadero, as well as highlighting the smashed potatoes with bacon. Just as glowing is the review supplied by local Montgomery County Media, which points out that the Frederick, Maryland location is conveniently close to Flying Dog Brewery, and quickly takes note of the popular Exploded Potatoes.


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A.K.A. Frisco's[edit]

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