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Founder(s)Alvaro Celli


A.Celli Group [1] includes A.Celli Nonwovens and A.Celli Paper, two companies with headquarters in Lucca[2] (Italy). They have been present in the global paper and nonwovens market with machinery for 75 years. Today, they possess offices in Concord (North Carolina, USA), Shanghai and Foshan (China)[3][4] , and Istanbul (Turkey).


As the war was approaching it’s end in 1944[5], Alvaro Celli opened a mechanical and repair workshop in Pescia (Italy)[6]. It was not until 1979, 19 years after A.Celli Mechanical Industry was born, that with the aid of his sons Marco and Piero Celli, the company entered into a new sector by manufacturing their first winder for nonwovens and paper.

In 1993 A.Celli opened A.Celli International in Miami (Florida, USA), with Alessandro and Mauro Celli, grandsons of Alvaro, in management.

In 2003, A.Celli S.p.A split into A.Celli Nonwovens and A. Celli Paper, in order to focus on distinct fields.[7]

A.Celli Group's latest expansion, dates back to 2019, with the addition of multiple offices in the A.Celli Nonwovens headquarters.

A.Celli Group[edit]

A.Celli Group has different components. ITA, (Italia Technology Alliance), is the corporate part of the company, where the decision making happens. Right below it, is A.Celli Paper S. p. A. and A. Celli Nonwovens S. p. A. They both produce machines in their given field. A.Celli Shanghai Machinery co. ltd., A.Celli Foshan Technology co. ltd., A.Celli International inc. North Carolina, USA, and A.Celli Turkey, Istanbul are the post sale part of the group[8]. A. Celli Group also cooperates with three technological companies[9] ExtraRed cloud computing[10], extreme automation digital solutions[11], and TeamGiga automation.

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