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Founded1999; Template:Years or months ago (1999)
Founder(s)Marco Bruns

A-Style is an Italian brand of fashion created by Marco Bruns in 1999.[1]


The company was born in 1999 when Marco Bruns used the current logo, an A with two points that ambiguously stylizes a sexual relationship, but becomes popular through the minimal cost tool that allowed the logo of be known, then called "guerrilla marketing". In fact it appeared in the form of stickers applied to the traffic lights of the main Italian ones starting from Milan, the logo also appeared in other cities in the rest of the world, including Miami, Moscow and London.[2] The growing interest of mass media pushed the marketing of products with the A-Style brand.

In 2007, the brand becomes the main sponsor of some MotoGP races, allowing it to reach the milestone of twenty million euro of turnover.[3]

Legal problems[edit]

During 2010, Marco Bruns, founder of the company and the company itself, were charged with counterfeiting or using protected trademarks. According to the accusations in 1999, the year in which A-Style was born, the logo belonged to Finesse, a small manufacturing company.[4]


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