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Founder(s)Theodore Ogala
MembersTheodore Ogala
ParentSunday Ogala
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9japlugged.com.ng Is A Technology Blog Founded In December 2018 By Ogala Theodore


Ogala Theodore Started The Blog in December 2018, Starting with a free domain www.banskid.blogspot.com as "Banskid" was his nickname in school.

Seeing that banskid.blogspot.com is not a presentable name to the audience he later changed it to www.9japlugged.blogspot.com as recommended by Ezra Bassey the CEO of circletalks.com.ng and later bought a top level domain ( https://9japlugged.com.ng ) in September 2019.

www.9japlugged.com.ng was using a blogger blogging platform and latter migrated to wordpress on the 13 March 2020 using the shared hosting bought from namecheap an international hosting company.

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