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91springboard Business Hub Private Limited

91springboard is an Indian company that offers shared offices to individuals and organisations on a membership basis. Founded in 2012 in Delhi[1], it is one of the earliest co-working spaces originating from India[2][3][4]. In 2017, 91springboard shifted its headquarters to Panaji in Goa.[5]

In the shared/leased office sector of commercial real estate, 91springboard competes with organisations such as WeWork India, GoWork, Innov8, Bhive, Cowrks, Awfis, Smartworks, etc.[6][7]


91springboard originally planned to launch as a business incubator or a startup studio but due to funding challenges[8], they opened their first facility as a co-working office in January 2013 in Mohan Estate area of New Delhi. 91springboard has been covered in news programs such as NDTV[9], and BBC[10]. It was also covered by Forbes India in 2019[11].

In order to add value to its members and to stand out from other players in the leased office market, 91springboard organises several publicised events, such as comedy nights[12], Hackathons[13], etc. It also partners with other organisations to provide benefits to 91springboard members, termed Boosters[14][15]

In 2016, 91springboard was recognized under Startup India initiative by the Government of India as an incubator with the responsibility to recommend startups for the Startup India initiative[16]. 91springboard co-hosted the Defence India Startup Challenge 2018 for the Ministry of Defence, Government of India[17]. In the same year, HDFC Bank partnered with the United Kingdom’s Department for International Trade (UK DIT) and start-up accelerators 91SpringBoard and IvyCamp to launch an Accelerator Engagement Programme (AEP) in India[18].

In 2018, Google partnered with 91springboard to launch a Google for Entrepreneurs Lounge in 91springboard Jhandewalan location, in Delhi, to support women entrepreneurs in Tier-II cities of India[19][20].

Funding and Notable Investments[edit]

Currently, 91springboard offers its spaces in 9 cities across India through its 27 office spaces.[21] It also had a space operating in Noida Sector 125, which was closed in 2017.[22] Since its incorporation, 91springboard has raised funds from FreakOut Holdings[23], Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited, NeoStencil, and Khattar Holdings, Anthill, 33 Investments, NITI Aayog, Sandway Investment Ltd, Pearl Brook Holdings, AMA Holdings, Silo Holdings, Al Nour etc.[24] It raised ₹450 Million in funding from existing investors in June 2020.[25]

91springboard is also an investor in organisations such as Squad[26], AlmaConnect[27], among others[28].

2020 and beyond[edit]

Due to the emerging COVID-19 situation, startups, including co-working providers were affected and employed several tactics, including unpaid leaves, layoffs, waiver of rent, etc. to remain afloat[29]. With recovering demand for co-working spaces, especially from larger firms, the industry is poised to recover as effects of COVID-19 subside[30].

In July 2020, 91springboard partnered with University of Arizona to offer virtual learning to Indian students and professionals at 91springboard locations[31]. In March 2021, 91springboard partnered with EU-India Innovation Centre to improve collaboration among startups in India and the EU[32].

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