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IndustryAerospace, High precision measurement systems


8tree is a company based in Konstanz and Rancho Cucamonga which develops application-specific Structured-light 3D Scanners for surface inspection. The company offers handheld tools that digitally inspect the surface of airliners and wind-turbine blades. The three main products are Dentcheck for the measurement of dents and bumps, Fastcheck for the measurement of fastener flushness and Wavecheck for measuring wrinkles on composite laminate. These systems use 3d Scanning to take 3d photos of the surface of an aircraft or wind-turbine blade. Image processing and machine learning algorithms analyze the images. The system then provides a digital diagnostic of the aircraft or wind-blade surface to a qualified inspector, who reviews the images in order to document the situation and file a digital report. The company works with aircraft maintenance companies such as Lufthansa Technik and aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing and is one of the players in the field of Aircraft maintenance automation.

Awards & Recognitions[edit]

2013 Winner of the SPIE Startup Challenge for photonics technology[1]

2015 inVISION Top Innovation of the year[2]

2016 Most innovative Vision-based product Award Winner, selected at the Embedded Vision Summit[3]

2017 The Most Practical SHM Solution for Aerospace Award, sponsored by Airbus[4]

2018 Winner of the Vision Product of the Year Award[5]

2020 Winner of VR-Innovationspreis[6]


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