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IndustryVenture capital
Founded2015; Template:Years or months ago (2015)
Founder(s)Joe Lonsdale

8VC is an American venture capital firm based in San Francisco that invests in early-stage startups. 8VC was founded in 2015 by several entrepreneurs including Joe Lonsdale,[1] with the goal of investing in startups building new solutions in industries beset by legacy, inefficient technological processes.

The firm's mantra is: "The world is broken; let's fix it."[2]


8VC was founded by a group of Silicon Valley veterans and members of PayPal Mafia in 2015.[3] It has offices in San Francisco and Menlo Park, California. In 2016, the firm raised a $425 million fund.[4] In April 2018, 8VC raised a second $640 million fund followed by another $640 million fund in 2020.[5][6] The firm invests in a variety of verticals, including logistics, healthcare, fintech, enterprise software, and biotechnology.[7] 8VC is one of the most active logistics investors in the industry, including an annual summit in Napa.[8]

Many of the companies partners, including Lonsdale and Kimmy Scotti,[9] were entrepreneurs themselves before joining 8VC.

In 2020, 8VC relocated its headquarters from San Francisco to Austin.[10]


8VC invests in seed and series A stage companies that use technology to solve important global problems,[11] and has an initial investment focus on enterprise software, consumer mobile, and consumer internet.[12] 8VC has invested in over 20 companies in the past 3 years including Oscar Health,[13] Resilience,[14] Joby Aviation,[15] Asana,[16] Blend,[17] Addepar,[18] Sila,[19] Honor,[20] The Boring Company.[21]

Most notable investments by sector:

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