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8600 Media is a Canadian media & marketing agency working with public figures, influencers and small, medium & large businesses all over the world.



8600 Media was founded by Truls Aandal & Alex Arteaga in December 2019 on the principle that digital media should be easy. Since opening in 2019, they've established themselves as an authentic and solid brand within the digital media industry, planning to make visible moves in 2020 by getting into content creation and talent management.

Brands & Clients[edit]

Since starting up in 2019, 8600 Media has taken on renowned brands such as eRa Eternity, GUIN Records, The Doe & Dormzi.

In addition to their corporate brands, 8600 Media also works with public figures like porn star Natalie Monroe & recording artist Ponce De Leioun.


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