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7shifts Inc.
IndustryRestaurant management, Employee scheduling software[1]
Founder(s)Jordan Boesch[2]

7shifts (est. in 2013) is a Canadian software company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with offices in Toronto and Hoboken, New Jersey. It is known for developing “7shifts” mobile app and web-based employee scheduling application for the restaurant industry.


7shifts was founded in 2013 in Regina, Saskatchewan by Jordan Boesch.[3] He conceptualized the idea of a restaurant management app in 2007 while working for his father at a Regina Quiznos location.[4] Boesch learned how to code to build a prototype app and moved to San Francisco when his project was accepted into Boost VC, a tech accelerator.[5][6] Having raised some venture capital, Boesch returned to Canada.[5][2]

The frim opened its first office in Regina, Saskatchewan in August 2015, but in November the same year decided to move its headquarters to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.[7][4] Later in January 2016, it opened a second office in Toronto.[8]

In Autumn 2016, the company won the national Startup Canada Award for high-growth entrepreneurship.[9] At that time it had 17 employees and its app was used by 1,600 businesses across Canada, the US and globally.[9] In 2019, the firm was included for the first time into The Globe and Mail’s “Canada's top growing companies” rating, it appeared in 2020 rating as well.[10][11]

In January 2020, the firm opened its first US office in Hoboken, New Jersey.[citation needed] In April the same year, 7shifts had to temporarily lay off 40 employees as a reaction to COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent slow-down in the restaurant industry.[12]

Funding and financials[edit]

The firm had several rounds of funding, raising $1.2 million in May 2016,[13] C$4.3 million ($3.5 million) in August 2017,[14][15] $10 million in January 2019,[2] and $6 million in October 2019.[16] In July 2019, it received C$3 million in federal funding through the Western Innovation Initiative, a Western Economic Diversification Canada program.[17]


7shifts is a scheduling software that helps managers to schedule restaurant staff, while the staff themselves can view assigned shifts, trade them, and communicate with one another.[15][18] It uses artificial intelligence to predict staffing needs based on various factors, such as historical sales or weather.[2][19]

7shifts is a freemium software with a free option limited to one location with no more than 10 employees.[20] As of March 2021, the software was available as a mobile app for iOS and Android as well as a web-based application.[21][22] It had built-in integrations with POS systems such as Square, Toast and TouchBistro and was available in English, French and Spanish.[23][24] Its main competitors were HotSchedules, When I Work, and Homebase.[21][23]


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