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Jordan Bryce Horn (born June 21, 1999), known professionally a 6ackend, is an American rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter. Identified by his tattoos, piercings and his uncommon fashion. In April 2020 he got fame and recognition, after releasing the music video "John Wayne" on YouTube, his dark, majestic, and insane flow drew much hatred towards him. The next month, he joined the Astrum Argentum, founded by the O.T.O, The Golden Dawn, a secret society founded by Aleister Crowley, S.L MacGregor Mathers, Dion Fortunte, etc. After participating in such religious ceremonies, he released "Suite Life" which drew him wealth and love.

Legal Issues[edit]

In December 2018, Horn was arrested due to a DUI in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He had a breathalyzer in his car from 2019-2020. In 2019, the charges were dismissed.

Early Life[edit]

When Jordan was young he had dreams of going to the NBA, as he got older he realized his passion was in music. Moving to California at 17 by his own was one of the toughest challenges he had faced. Being on his own he had worked at a shoe stand in the mall to pay for rent.


Known well that 6ackend is associated with secret cults, many people see him as a threat to the youth. In all reality Jordan is teaching the kids how to use their minds to the full extent of its power. It's not a secret that he is using Dark Arts to get whatever he wants when he wants. Many would believe him to be the villain due to what had happened during his youth, but in all reality he is the savior to this wicked world.


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