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6 Plus Sofia Mladost Headquarter

6 Plus is a Bulgarian brand for car services.[1] The brand is possesion of Bulgarian company "Boveti" Ltd founded in 2012. [2]

The brand became recognizable among bulgarian public with its awareness-raising and education video campaign aimed to inform people on the right kinds of maintenance on their cars.[3] 6 Plus educational campaign has garnered more than a million views through its youtube channel.[4]


The logo shape of 6 Plus has its meaning. The round part of the sixth is additionally enlarged, symbolizing a tire, and the additional stripes refer to tire tread.

People symbolize the expression "6+" in Bulgaria on the one hand with an excellent grade at school, on the other hand, the expression "6+" is often used in Bulgarian jargon as a response to the question of "how are you" In answer to "everything is 6+" is literally interpreted more than well.

Color selection associate with the brand symbolism:

- Marine blue color (NEH 000066) which creates an association for professional, worthy, official, intelligent. [5]

- Color wool wave (НЕХ 006666) creates association for comfort, safe, soothing, natural, worthy.[6]

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