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55 Pixels Ltd
IndustryDigital games

55Pixels Ltd, formally known as Bin Weevils Limited, is a multi award-winning game company that focuses on the creation of digital games.

55Pixels was founded on 19 August 2014. The organisation decided to change the name from Bin Weevils Ltd to 55Pixels as the company was ranging out to create more digital games away from Bin Weevils.


The company has released a variety of titles since the name change, some specifically developed for mobile devices and some specifically designed for desktop computers. The company published "Snakes In Space" and "Pirate VS The Sea" in 2015. The "Weevil World" game was developed in May 2017 and released in June 2017, one month later. "Crater Craft" is the most consecutive hit in the variety of applications produced in the last few years. [1]


Data breaches[edit]

55Pixels Ltd suffered a major breach of data in September 2014 for one of the games, Bin Weevils, which resulted in an unauthorized access to more than 20 million users and personal information. [2] Accounts, email addresses and passwords were then published online.[3] During the breach, a captcha was introduced to the website, which users had to verify before proceeding. It was removed a couple of days later, after the breach.[4]

In July 2017, Bin Weevils suffered another major leak of data where players accounts and personal information, such as IP addresses, e-mails and hashed passwords, were eventually released publicly. An unauthorised post was published on the news page of Bin Weevils during the July breach, stating that the game was closing but was immediately removed.


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