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4xLabs is a financial technology firm that is headquartered in Singapore and was incorporated in 2011..[1]. It develops software for financial institutions such as money changers[2], remittance, banks and professional services.

4xLabs Pte Ltd
IndustryFinancial Technology
Founder(s)Chris Vanden Berghe


4xLabs launched its first product, Get4x in 2012[3]. Get4x is a mobile app for comparing money changer rates in Singapore. The service has since expanded to Malaysia, Indonesia[4], Hong Kong[5], Thailand, India[6], UAE and Australia[7]. Get4x allows money changers to display their rates online so travellers can book these rates[8].

In 2017, 4xLabs launched Biz4x, a business management platform for money services businesses[9], that provides market and compliance data[10], a point-of-sale system, wholesale banknotes trading[11] and connects financial institutions to new customers through digital channels such as Get4x[12]. Biz4x was launched in consultation with the money changer community at a time when regulators were beginning to take a tougher staunch when it came to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing[13]

In 2019, 4xLabs launched Send4x, a platform for comparing remittance rates. It has onboarded money transfer providers such as Azimo, InstaRem, OrbitRemit, SendFX, TransferWise, and WorldFirst[14]. The platform covers more than 9000 corridors from 45 sending countries[15].


4xLabs has raised funding from Dymon Asia Ventures[16], and OSK Ventures International[17]


4xLabs was nominated as a finalist in the inaugural Singapore Fintech Awards 2016[18]. Tech in Asia listed it as one of the startups in Asia to watch for two years consecutively in 2016[19] and 2017 for its Get4x service[20]. In 2018, 4xLabs was selected as one of the startups to join the World Economic Forum on ASEAN: ASEAN 4.0: Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution[21]. In 2019, 4xLabs was shortlisted as a top 10 finalist in the FIN/SUM Startup Pitch in Japan[22] as well as a top 40 finalist in the 2019 Fintech Awards [23][24][25].


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