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4imprint plc. is a London-based direct marketer of promotional merchandise.[1][2]Template:RefnTemplate:Refn It has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Europe.[3] 4imprint plc is a publicly held company, traded on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol FOUR.[4] In 2015, Promo Marketing magazine ranked 4imprint as the industry's highest selling company, based on 2014 sales figures. That year, the company reported a 35% increase in revenue over the previous year, when it had nearly $399 million in sales.[5]

Although headquartered in London, 97% of 4imprint's business is in the United States and Canada, where it controls an estimated 3 to 4% of the $23.6 billion promotional products market.[1] 4imprint, Inc., the North American division, is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.[3][6] In 2015 it accounted for 96% of the company's revenues and 4imprint UK accounts for the balance.[1] Its English and Irish business operations are centered in Manchester.[6]


Dick Nelson founded Nelson Marketing in Wisconsin in 1984. Nelson Marketing was purchased by the English publishing company Bemrose in 1996.Chromosome number: {{{1}}} In 2000, Bemrose Corporation exited the paper products business[7] and changed its name to 4imprint Group plc. Its North America division was renamed 4imprint Inc.[8]

In 2003, Hanover Investors, a private equity firm, purchased over 25% of 4imprint over the course of a month.[9] They led a shareholder rebellion, and shareholders called for the removal of all non-executive directors after talks between 4imprint and Hanover Investors broke down.[10] Hanover gained support of shareholders to replace the 4imprint CEO, overhaul US operations, and take control of the board.[11]

4imprint added a distribution center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 2009.[12]

In 2012, 4imprint Group plc sold Kreyer Promotion Service GmbH and Brand Addition Limited to European affiliate companies of H.I.G. Capital for ₤24 million.[13]

In 2015, 4imprint announced an expansion of its Oshkosh operations, with plans to add 150 employees over three years. The company pledged to spend $10.8 million to expand its North American headquarters in Oshkosh by 25,000 square feet, and double its distribution center on the west side of the city with a 100,000 square foot addition.[14][12] The State of Wisconsin, through its Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, authorized 4imprint to get up to $1 million in state tax credits, dependent upon the number of jobs created through the expansion.[15]

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