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3S Money
HeadquartersLondon, England, UK
Founder(s)Ivan Zhiznevskiy
Andrei Dikouchine

3S Money is a London-based challenger bank, focusing on international trade. Its key product is local accounts in the Netherlands, UK, Luxembourg, Denmark and Germany with multi-currency IBANs that enable businesses to send and receive high-value international payments[1].

3S Money provides banking services for clients from 190 countries, helping cross-border businesses to enter new markets and operate across the globe. They place a significant emphasis on accepting non-UK and non-EU foreign directors and shareholders of EU/UK based companies.[2]

3S Money also pays particular attention to its approach to compliance and customer service, claiming to combine elements of the traditional merchant banking experience with modern financial technology solutions. 3S Money provides dedicated personal managers to each of its clients to provide them with around-the-clock service and ensure that their transactions are completed with minimal delay.[3]

Smart Compliance[edit]

3S Money has developed a novel approach to compliance that they refer to as ‘Smart Compliance’.[4] This ‘Smart Compliance’ approach was designed with the stated intentions of being fast, automated and user-friendly.[5] In order to build this ‘Smart Compliance’ framework, 3S Money management has implemented the following;

  • Sophisticated AML/KYC technology, which is used to collect and process data to build comprehensive client profiles – this enables 3S Money to perform behavioural analysis
  • A team of dedicated Smart Compliance Officers who conduct initial and ongoing due diligence
  • Time-sensitive and efficient processing of all applications and payments
  • A technical solution that enables the team to review each application and business on its own merits
  • Robust AML/CTF policies and procedures, that ensure the process follows world-leading practices and principles
  • A knowledge base with up-to-date news and regulatory changes within the financial industry, ensuring that Compliance team is in line with all financial guidelines, regulations and standards
  • High levels of communication between members of various teams within 3S Money, which means they are always able to share ideas and best practices without hurdles or unnecessary delays


3S Money was launched by a team of experienced bankers and FinTech professionals, who had become weary of banks’ failings at dealing with complex businesses and their needs.[6] The  company’s founders, Andrei Dikouchine and Ivan Zhiznevskiy, came to set up 3S Money after serving as directors on the board of Relendex.com, an FCA regulated online peer-to-peer lending business. [7]

3S Money’s founders also control 3S Capital Partners BV, an asset manager based in the Netherlands. This business also has a substantial UK regulatory and banking element at the core of its investment activities in the UK.

In Spring 2020, 3S Money completed a private fundraising round worth $1.5 million. The funding round was led by TMT Investments PLC – an early investor in Bolt –  and administratively supported by digital capital raising platform Globacap.[8]

The name 3S Money actually derives from ‘three sigma’ or ‘three standard deviation’, a reference to the empirical rule in particular pertaining to the probability of outcomes.[7]


3S Money’s headquarters are located in London at Barclay’s RISE buiding[9], the “home of FinTech”, in the centre of the city’s FinTech and start-up community and also close to the City of London Financial District. The company also has offices in Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Riga. [10]


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