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3Mind Games Inc.
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3Mind Games Inc. is a Canadian independent development company. Its headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The studio is a founding member of La Guilde. [1], a co-operative of game developers in Quebec.


3Mind Games was founded by Alexandre Martel[2] and Dao Champagne[3] who met while they were both working for Ubisoft in Montreal.[4]

Together they decided to start their own studio, originally located in downtown Montreal. Like many indie studios, 3Mind focused on mobile games during its initial years, generating the revenue it would need to start working on larger scale games. The studio released Zombie Piñata (iOS) 2010[5], BoomBoom Caveman (iOS)/Android 2013[6], and Wild Fury (iOS)/Android in 2015 with Master Moose Studio.

In 2016 they relocated to the Mile End district, increasing the team size and bringing Ivan Mulkeen (narrative director) on board to develop their story--shifting their focus from mobile gaming, to PC and consoles.

In 2017 they began full production of their first project, with Brendan Cohoe (art director) joining the studio.

Made up of a combination of industry veterans and new graduates, the teams previous credits include projects with EA, Warner Bros., Ubisoft, BioWare, Eidos Montreal, and United Front Games.

In 2017 they relocated back to Montreal's downtown core, again to accommodate a larger team.

Projects the team members have previously worked on include on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Thief, Far Cry, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins and Mordheim City of the Damned.


The teams first major game, The Protagonist[7], an episodic, isometric, turn-based RPG, is still in development; it is scheduled to be released early 2019.[8]

The Protagonist (2019)[edit]

The Protagonist, also known as The Protagonist: EX1, is an upcoming science fiction alternate timeline tactical RPG, set on a fictional Earth-like planet called Terra, where a Norse-inspired culture called the Eynvar rose to dominance. The Eynvar government operates as a totalitarian regime, and the story explores humanities first contact with aliens from another world.

The player assumes the role of a female protagonist named Angel, and her unit of elite Terran soldiers. Played in an isometric perspective, the game combines role-playing, exploration, and dungeon-crawling elements, with an emphasis on choices with consequences, and managing your relationships with other characters at the center of the narrative. The game places more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat than the more typical ranged combat that is prominent in science fiction games and films.


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