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3E Accounting Pte Ltd
IndustryProfessional services

3E Accounting Pte Ltd is a Singapore based accounting firm.[1] The name of the firm is derived from an alliteration list of three words: efficiency, effectiveness and economy.[2][3] The company was founded in 2011 by Lawrence Chai in the city of Singapore[2][4] where it expanded to Malaysia in 2014[1] and Hong Kong in 2020.[5][3]

Headquartered in Singapore, 3E Accounting international network was established in 2016 and expanded to over 80 countries.[2][6][7][8] The company works with new start-up companies and SMEs.[9] The company uses a cloud-based performance appraisal system[10] and cloud-based accounting system.[11] The company is the first SME accounting firm to be unionised in Singapore.[12]


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