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3D HoloGroup
IndustrySoftware development, Consumer Electronics, Augmented Reality

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3D HoloGroup, Inc is an American technology firm headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Founded in 2018, 3D HoloGroup is a software developer and reseller of hardware wearable display technology, augmented reality. 3D HoloGroup sells display devices are used for mobile and immersive augmented reality applications, such as 3D gaming, manufacturing training, and military tactical equipment.

3D HoloGroup is currently the market leader in augmented reality hardware, and focuses not just in the USA but multinational.[citation needed]


3D HoloGroup, Inc was founded on January 1st 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The vision the founders had for the company was to help bring Augmented Reality to the world by offering valuable B2C and B2B games and apps that users could use on augmented reality(AR) headsets or AR enabled smart phones. The company was focused on building end-to-end complete AR solutions based on customer’s needs. In the summer of 2019 3D HoloGroup signed its first reseller agreement with MAD Gaze, a company located in China that offers consumer grade AR smart glasses, and an extension in September 2020.[1] Tom Sablyar co-founded as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Mario L Castellanos co-founded as the Chief Operating Officer to facilitate the day to day operations to help scale growth. In early 2020 3D HoloGroup filed for a provisional patent for a revolutionary software development application that allows users to quickly and easily design & create database schemas and object-oriented scripts. In March of 2020 3DHoloPool was introduced into the Magic Leap app store. Over the summer of 2020 four additional AR devices were added into the hardware offerings via reseller agreements (Epson, Vuzix, Third Eye and Rokid).[2][3][4][5] In the fall of 2020 3D HoloGroup, Inc. and MAS Safety Services signed an agreement to develop an AR safety related application used to create OSHA compliant safety procedures.[6] At the same time, 3D HoloGroup introduced 3DHoloQR to be used in conjunction with the MAS Safety app as well as for integrations with other AR software solutions.[7][8]


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