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Trading name3DFAST
Native name3DFAST

3DFAST is an Iranian-founded[1], Tehran-based 3D printing commiunity, service and marketplace[2] startup company[3]. It has a large network of manufacturing services to provide its uses. Users can hire a 3D designer to design and 3d model their ideas or upload their 3D printable files on the website. Objects will be manufactured using 3d printers and will be instantly shipped to the customers.

Users can have objects 3d printed in a vast variety of materials and finishes, including: plastics, precious metals, steel, wax, sand, ceramic and even paper.


3DFAST headquarters is located in Tehran. 3DFAST is a spin-out of the TrigUP accelerator[4] of FANAP[5]. Investors include FANAP and SHENASA VC in Tehran.[6] The company was also nominated by elecomp stars as one of the top 10 best growing Iranian startups[7]


  • 3D Design
    • 3DFAST is providing 3D design services through their community. this community is mostly focused around jewelry design and reverse engineering
  • 3D Printing: 3DFAST is a multi-vendor platform with service providers in nearly all cities in Iran including Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Karaj, Qom, Mahallat also Dubai in UAE and Capetown in South-Africa and this hubs cover
  • 3DFAST 360 sculptures: 3DFAST is providing colorful 3D printed sculptures [9]with heights from 10cm to 35cm[10]. Same as a lot of companies like doob and shapify.me are doing.
  • Social responsibility: they have lunched "Robo Dast" as a social responsibility campaign as a branch of Enabling The Future[11] organization in iran[12]

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